Monday, January 1, 2007

Woody Island

Some recent photos from Woody Island. We spent Christmas with family and friends. A big feast overlooking the ocean and a cryptic treasure hunt thanks to Sue and Mum.
Next year we are planning on following some Polish Christmas traditions, with a meal of dill potatoes and fish on Christmas Eve and we will climb the hill to watch the first star come out.

By the time New Years came around, everyone else had left so we had a lovely relaxing, quiet few days. I planned to take alot more photos but I was too distracted relaxing in the hammock, or snorkelling in the bay, or reading, or fishing or whatever else I happened to be inclined towards.
We had an incredible day walking to the other end of the island and managed to catch ourselves eight very fat fishes!! Mostly they were black drummers. We also found another little fishing hole with just sweep and wrasse biting. Good to know for next year! We wont even need to take food!!
I did a few days of early morning yoga with a holidaying yoga instructor. Casper slept in on those days. But some days we did have lovely early morning walks and cups of tea before the rest of the island awoke.
It was so nice to be back there again. As I get on the boat to leave, a part of me always stays behind. See you next year, old friend.

Mac's Jetty

The bay at sunrise

Pacific gulls

Our beautiful little fishing spot

On the hilltop

Erin won the "who can get the biggest fish" competition. But Casper won the "who is the best husband in the world" competition.

A black drummer... They're very heavy.

Christmas lollies

Casper on Christmas Day

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