Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Boat Shed

Mum, Dad, Casper and I also had an early-morning breakfast at the Boatshed Cafe. I was quite excited when I saw a very beautiful pelican, so I announced "PELICAN!!!!" to the rest of the restaurant (luckily there was only one other person in there) and then I leapt over the restaurant railing and ran after it with my camera. I love pelicans!!! YAY! PELICAN!


Fiona said...

Hello Erin and Cas, Congratulations on a wonderful blog! It is a joy to read about your small and big adventures and a delight to see the beautiful photographs. I love your rapture of pelicans my pelican-spirited sister! Cas, Curly said yesterday how he'd love to catch up with you guys again whenever we can manage it. Look forward to your future entries! Love Fi.

Erin&Casper said...

YAY! first post... WHOO!

We would love to catch up very much.
And I will put some more photos of our recent trip up in the next few days. We had a lovely time in Bremer Bay! Lots of memories.

Love you both.

Morwenna said...

Good post.