Monday, January 1, 2007


These are photos from our trip to Broome last year. We had lots of fun with Fiona on the days she wasn't working. She gave us some excellent soap on arrival along with a 7-page "welcome to Broome letter". We did a wonderful day at Port Beach and an early morning walk to Gantheum point, where it got very hot and we were luckily rescued by the town's harbour master who drove us back to town in his air conditioned car. We had a lovely morning at the Broome markets, and one night at the old Broome outdoor cinema where we watched an incredibly moving Indigenous film called "Kanyini".

The rest of the time, Casper and I explored on some very rickety old borrowed bicycles. Most days we ended up at the beach, where we spent many hours laying around and reading, chatting, swimming, snoozing.
Good holiday. Gooooooood. Cable Beach had a million billion trillion jellyfish. One local said it was the worst they'd ever seen it, so we generally did our beaching on the other side of the peninsula where there were no jellies.

Casper and I chatting in the shade

A secret cave that we found on Port Beach

Broome Blue

Nasty Jellyfish

Crazy Crab on Port Beach

Pretty rocks

Beautiful Broome colours

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