Monday, January 1, 2007


Casper and I supported Ben during a 12-hour mountain bike race in Jarrahdale. The race began at 5pm and finished at 5am so the whole thing was ridden in the dark. Some of the kids from RIDE camp also came along and competed as a team of 4. Ben did the whole race on his own... on a single speed bike. He rode about 189kms of rough terrain in that time and despite 2 flat tires in the first 2 laps, he managed to keep pushing on and got fourth!!
Casper and I were exhausted enough just staying up all night to pass Ben a drink every 40 minutes. I collapsed on the gravel for a sleep once the whole thing was over, while Ben did the long drive back to Freo.

yay for the single speed!

Me after a long night watching Ben do laps

I couldn't work out how to do the high-speed photography thing.
But this is an accurate representation of how fast he was going..... Speedy. And slightly insane.

Coming in after his first lap. Only thirteen to go...

Drink, fruitcake and battery refill

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