Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bussleton, Albany, Bremer Bay

Having a stretch

These are some pics from our journey down south. Turns out that if you don't add the photos for a blog entry in exactly the correct order, there is no way that you can then switch them around. (At least no way that "computer-retard-Erin" can figure out, anyway)
So, as a result these photos are all in reverse-chronological order (except the swan photo above which should really have gone at the bottom)... so I suggest starting at the bottom of the post and moving upward. I'm going to write the captions from the bottom up so it will definately help if you want them to make sense.
Anyway, the whole trip was actually 'work' for Casper because he needed to visit some of the camps that were running. Luckily I got to tag along and suddenly it was a holiday. YAY! Much fun.

This photo doesnt really show the massive waves that were breaking over the edge. The ocean was wild, and would flow into the pool but somehow it always stayed calm.
It also was shallow enough that the water had evaporated and left an increased salt level... so I jumped in and to my surprise was VERY bouyant. I even tried to dive down and it kept spitting me back up to the surface.

This was the highlight. We wandered along the rocks near Little Boat Harbour in Bremer, and stumbled across this incredible rock pool. It was beautiful green, and had heaps of beautiful seagrass and fishes in it!

Some of the old machinery at the Homestead.

Casper stayed cleaner than I did.

We spent some time at Wellstead's Homestead in Bremer Bay, where they have a MASSIVE grove of heritage-listed mulberry trees. We got very purple, and some nice old lady saw me up a tree covered in mulberry juice and decided I must be the "mulberry nimph"...
This is some moss on the tree.

Some rather ridiculous photos of Casper and I. We tried and tried and tried to get a good shot, but alas, no. They all came out with us looking either over-enthusiastic, or slightly insane. Oh well. These are the best we could manage.

And the Estuary from the same spot. (you can see the little town on the left)

Casper and I then made our way to Bremer Bay, which is another holiday tradition. Last year was the first year I didn't go there since I was 5... so I thought a Bremer fix was definately in order. This is the bay from the top of the hill.

The human pyramid. These are campers from Glen Echo camp. We spent the whole day with them chilling out at the beach. Unfortunately they had a gastro outbreak so we kept our distance... eeek.

Frenchman's Bay again...

Campers Jumping off Bombie Rock at Frenchman's Bay in Albany

Swan Yoga

Geographe Bay in Bussleton. I took this while we were visiting sailing camp (thus the boat). There was a little bunch of beautiful black swans just hanging out at the waters edge... I don't think I've ever seen swans at the ocean before, so it was quite exciting! They were also very very funny to watch.


Fiona said...

Hi sis and bro, just wanted to say I absolutely love your photos - I especially liked the ones of you two smiling into the camera together ... you look joyful! It looks like you've really been seeing a lot of gorgeous southern landscapes. Erin, you have a way with birdies, did you know that? Swanies, duckies, pelicans... Love yas!! Love Fi.

Anonymous said...


When are some more recent photos gonna be posted?

: )

Erin&Casper said...

I'm onto it... i'll get some more up tonight. Sorry for the wait!